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3 styles of the MagicSeers Tarot

I have to admit that I am in love with this deck.  The color is super vibrant and the card stock is the prefect thickness for shuffling and longevity. The fact that it has three different finishes makes it a deck for everyone. Video review at the bottom of the page.  I use the borderless one one all the time in my videos!

Reading level: Beginner                    Diversity: 1/10 This deck is ANGLO

Inclusivity: 3/10 Some age range differences

Pros: This is the Rider Waite deck we love with a tons of color that punches, more refined detail, three styles to choose from (yay for borderless!), easy to learn with because of all the imagery, affordable, easy to shuffle size, durable, but flexile card stock.

Cons: Let's face it, the Rider Waite Tarot just isn't diverse.  It's anglo and very patriarchal. This was made at a time when we just hadn't evolved our consciousness to be be inclusive of race, gender and sexuality. 


Borderless Version

No borders!

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Holographic Version

The deck covered in rainbows (holographic)

Give me the rainbows

Classic Version with Borders

The original deck with a modest white border on it

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